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Environmental impact assessment of industrial objects in Northwest Russia


> Pipe-line SRTO-Òorzhok. Environmental impact assessment in Volodga, Arkhangelsk regions and in Komi Republic.



>   North-European pipe-line. The section Griazovets-Vyborg (597-917 km).

Gap analysis project (GAP)

in the North-West Russia

"Saint-Petersburg Society for bat research and conservation"

Regional Red Data lists of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region

Habitat (biotope) analysis

Pearl mussel and salmon rivers

 around Saint-Petersburg

Bird migrations in North-West


Research on biodiversity of the

ancient parks of Saint-Petersburg




>  Sand deposit “Londonskaya otmel”. Assessment of the impact to the bird populations of the sanctuary “Lebiazhiy”.


>    Baltic pipe system (BTS-2)


>   Proposals on the correction of sanctuaries borderlines during port construction.


> Hydroelectric station at the Shapsha river. Assessment of the impact on plants and land animals. Planning of conservation and compensation activities.


>  “Nord Stream” pipeline. Assessment of the impact on populations of birds and mammals.


>  Materials on change of borders of Kotelsky sanctuary in relation with the construction of railways and roads to the ports of southern cost of the Gulf of Finland.


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