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An important direction of the research of the Centre is a Gap analysis project (GAP), focusing on recognition and filling the gaps of our knowledge of nature and, correspondingly, the gaps in nature protection activities.

Traditionally some species are being intensively studied, whereas others are not. We are trying to get a balance. It is evident that every scientific problem can be under study for a very long time. The intense research provides good basis for the following studies that is why the disproportion progresses continuously. We are not afraid to start the research from zero. For example, some years ago we began to study pearl mussels, which are surprisingly poorly studied across the territory around Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad oblast. At the moment we continue an intense research in this field. Meanwhile we conduct other studies on rare amphibians, mammals (mainly, bats), fishes and lampreys. We also continue our traditional research on bird migrations.

Gap analysis project (GAP)

in the North-West Russia

"Saint-Petersburg Society for bat research and conservation"

Regional Red Data lists of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region

Habitat (biotope) analysis

Pearl mussel and salmon rivers

 around Saint-Petersburg

Bird migrations in North-West


Research on biodiversity of the

ancient parks of Saint-Petersburg
























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