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Research on biodiversity of the ancient parks of Saint-Petersburg

We conduct research on the biodiversity of parks of Saint-Petersburg and surrounding territories for a long time. In 2010 we took part in the organization of a conference “Ecological problems of parks of Saint-Petersburg” that attracted numerous participants and stimulated active discussions.

Our main idea is that now parks turned out to be the last refuge for various species, because their original habitats were ploughed up or built up. Traditionally, parks were established in the best areas with good soil and abundant vegetation. Now they are still there together with old trees creating a variety of the specific habitats for many rare species. Some plants and animals left mainly in parks now. However, the recent tendency to keep parks “in order” is progressing. It results in a removal of all “superfluous” vegetation, dead plants and leafs that reduce biodiversity. If this tendency will prevail, some bat species, for instance, will not survive in our region.

Gap analysis project (GAP)

in the North-West Russia

"Saint-Petersburg Society for bat research and conservation"

Regional Red Data lists of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region

Habitat (biotope) analysis

Pearl mussel and salmon rivers

 around Saint-Petersburg

Bird migrations in North-West


Research on biodiversity of the

ancient parks of Saint-Petersburg
























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